March 2, 2020

Easy Tips to Play at Live Roulette Tables

One of the most popular and oldest casino games is now available online in not just a digital format but also in live dealer format. Roulette is one of the most played casino games in the world which also provides a comparatively low house edge to offer better wins. Live roulette tables can have different rules and variations, which can interfere in your winnings. While playing roulette with live dealers and players, you can use these tips to win more often.

Pick a strategy and be calm

When you play live roulette, it is suggested that you have a strategy already in hand and a notepad to track all your winnings and losses. If you do it right, you can benefit from roulette in a slow but significant manner. One of the strategies to follow is the Martingale strategy which asks you to bet double the money when you win. Similarly, there are other strategies as well with which you can grow in live roulette. Try to perfect your strategies in the free to play games at first, so you get the idea of your gaming skills before you step in the real deal.

Choose the right roulette game

There are several versions of roulette, including the American and European versions. There is also a French version that can be found on some of the online sites. The American roulette has the highest house edge for at least 5.25% on the live games, whereas the French and European versions have 1.35% and 2.7%. You should play at the low house edge games in order to have better winning odds. Check out the game rules to find out if the roulette has “la partage” or “en prison” rules in European or French roulette. They have the least house edge in any roulette available.

Do not play until you understand the odds

The single number bet is the highest paying bet in roulette, but it also reduces the odds of winning. Most people forget to consider this and place big bets on inside bets. It is the worst way of playing roulette. The right tactic is to bet on as many options as you can so even if you lose, other wins can cover up your losses. It is suggested that you should know about the outside bets before you start betting real money.

Roulette wheels should be trustable

Make sure that you are playing on a live casino which is trusted by mass. This will assure you that the games, especially roulette, is not rigged so you can have a fair game. People have the misconception that the roulette wheel should always be a little imbalanced. The casinos would never keep a broken wheel which can be used as an advantage by the players. If your live roulette wheel seems a little wobbly, it is not the best roulette table you are sitting at.

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