February 20, 2020

Different Types of Roulette Explained

Not all avid gamblers will be familiar with every casino game, its rules, and their various types. Same is the case with even the craziest of Roulette fans; winning a significant amount of money is all that matters. But several professionals have a different take on the game and have delved deeper into it for a better understanding. Roulette has been categorized under the sequence of numbered pockets and wheel layout into European and American. These two variations are the most common ones, apart from which there are several others. Here are a few other varieties of Roulette that not many gamblers are aware of.

French Roulette

Almost similar to the European wheel format, the French Roulette, is the next popular type of Roulette. The difference between the two being the betting options they offer. “Trace track” is the additional betting option that the French Roulette boasts of, which allows the players to cover certain sections of the wheel.

Mini Roulette

13 numbers on the wheel is the factor that makes this variation unique. Numbers from zero to twelve cover the whole wheel, making the mini version an interesting one to try. There are two versions to this variation, the one with a ball and the one without a ball. While one has the ball being spun within the wheel to determine the winning number, the other has the wheel rotated until it stops at a pot with the marker pointing out the winning number. RNG mini wheel is another variation which uses no physical ball or wheel for the game; instead has a similar system as that of slots. It is best to get rid of the idea that a lesser number will improve your chances to win since its invalid.


Double Ball Roulette

This version of Roulette only benefits the bias analysis players by being able to obtain the same data of a single ball Roulette sooner here. As the name suggests, the game is different from the traditional European Roulette in the number of balls being spun. Not every typical casino promotes this version since not many gamblers prefer to play on it. What was first launched as an experiment at casinos in Vegas did gain popularity for its interesting variation. But it didn’t fare as much as the original one did.

Rapid Roulette

With the increasing crowd around a Roulette wheel, exasperation takes the next level of existence. The paying players are likely to create a fuss in such situations, consequently delaying the spins. When the casino floors are filled with these wheels and trouble, Rapid Roulette comes to the rescue. Although this type cannot be found everywhere, it can efficiently rule out the hassles of a crowd. Individual screens like that of slots is provided, and players can place bets on the systems for the digital wheel to rotate to fortune. While many people love to play the original versions of Roulette, the sophisticated version is what certain other sections prefer.

Types of Roulette
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