March 20, 2020

How to Become a Roulette Dealer

Casinos have a large team of employees which serves their customers every day from entertaining them to making sure that the rules of the casinos are followed properly. The dealers are the gaming service workers who deal with cards, supervise slot machines, spin the wheel, take bets, and payout winning. There are several duties of the dealers that they perform every day.

Interacting with the players to ensure that they are having a good time and providing them with anything they need while they are inside the casino.

Monitoring the players for any violations of the gaming regulations or casino policies. Reporting any violations to the manager immediately to avoid future troubles.

Enforcing the safety rules and reporting the hazards to the supervisors or the security employee for any irregularities they observe.

Explaining the games to the beginners and informing them the rules of the table they are dealing at.

Other Duties of the game dealers include

Distributing cards and providing dice or other equipment on the tables.

Determining the winners and calculating the payoffs and collecting losing bets.

Inspect the dice and cards from time to time for catching any frauds.

Exchange the paper money for the gaming chips.

How can you become a roulette dealer?

Most of the jobs in the casinos require a college degree. Those who have a hotel management degree have a slight advantage as they will go through the casino training smoother than others. The candidate must posses excellent customer service skills.


A candidate requires a college degree or at least a high school degree to get the role of a dealer in a casino. Those who are planning to get a degree for this career can pursue hotel management, hospitality, or accounting along with other casino courses.


Most of the casinos have their private training centres which train the candidates for various roles. Special training is provided to dealers, waitresses, and bartenders. Dealers learn in the gaming school to train themselves in the games they will be dealing at. The roulette dealers get additional training for managing the money put on the table and being able to distribute the winnings accurately.

A dealer should learn regulations for games as well as rules of the state under the gambling laws. While the dealers can switch to a new casino with their experience, they will still have to go through the training of the new casino to adjust to their environment. Completing the gaming course before applying will increase the chances of getting hired.

Required skills

A dealer must have good communication skills to be able to explain the rules of the game quickly. They should also be able to solve any doubts of the players manage them without creating misunderstandings. They should have good customer service skills to take care of their customers and keep their spirit high throughout the games. They should have good calculating skills to be able to deal with large amounts of money. Organising skills will help the dealer to maintain the etiquette of the table, which also requires leadership quality. At last, the dealers require a lot of patience to be able to deal with different types of customers every day.

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