December 15, 2021

Games To Play In Online Casinos Other Than Roulette

Other Casino Games Worth A Try

We all enjoy watching that little ball spin and bounce around on the roulette wheel as a number is chosen at complete random simply through the laws of physics, but there are other casino games out there that are worth a shot as well. They offer a variety of entertainment values and are a terrific way to spend some of your gaming time and money. Many other games give you a chance to expand your gambling horizons which will only increase your odds at winning some big bucks in the long run. The more chances you have to win, the better the possibility of coming out on top is. Those games, other than roulette, which are so enjoyable to play include blackjack, poker, video poker, and slots or pokies. Here is a closer look at each and a breakdown of what each offers in the way of gaming entertainment value.


The classic card game of blackjack, when played in online casinos, is a wonderful and exciting game that always offers a chance to win. In this game, skill, as well as a solid tactical approach along with a touch of luck, will take you far and win you big in some runs of hands. The set up in most versions of the game is just you against the dealer or there are 3 to 5 other players all going against the dealer along with you. Although, in a few game types on some online casinos there are games where it is the top hand at the entire table that wins, and these payout bigger returns when you win than the only against the dealer versions. The goal is to get as close to a total of 21 as you can when adding the card values together by the numbers on their faces, without going over. It sounds like such a simple concept, but it has so many variables and choices to be made that a single hand can go in a wide array of directions with the outcome dependent on you making the correct choice for any given situation. This is where the largest amount of entertainment value comes from because people enjoy the idea of being in control of the game directly through the decisions they make. A solid tactical approach gives you the best chance at coming out on top but even that is no guarantee of winning a hand as it wouldn’t be gambling without a touch of randomness involved. Even when just playing against the dealer at a live table with other players involved in the process, the decisions those other players make can affect the outcome of your hand and they also affect the choices you need to make to win the hand. There are these sorts of live tables with other players involved where you get seated amongst 3 to 5 other players around a table, but there are mostly single-player, head-to-head tables where it is just you against a dealer in a more robotic type of game. All of them deal cards using a random number generator and most of the respectable casinos prove that their number generator is random in a variety of ways giving you confidence that the game is not fixed in their favor. It is simply the nature and setup of the game that gives the house the edge, but this edge is not excessively large and it is quite small because of the way the game is played. The house’s choices are pretty much set in stone and only vary depending on the choices you make, which allows for a degree of predictability to their response to any decision you may make during the hand. This predictability is what gives you the edge to win when you make all the right choices and have a tiny bit of luck on your side as well. Blackjack is a bit of a thinking game but you can also run on autopilot once you understand the mechanics and have set up your tactical approach to the game, which you can then tweak and alter as you learn more or want to try different things out. It is fun and enjoyable to play but is not the only card-based game available.

Poker Tables

Another great card game to play in online casinos is poker at live tables against other real players. Now, there are some automated versions where you just play against the dealer or a table full of robots, but the most entertaining version is the live tables. At these tables, you are seated in a circle of 6 people and you follow the basic rules of whatever poker game you want to play. The most popular and widely known poker game is Texas Hold’em. In it, you are dealt two playing cards and through a series of betting rounds followed by the dealing of community cards you and the other players build up a sizable pot of money to be won by the person who can make the best five-card hand using both of their cards and three of the five community cards on the table. This game requires a lot of skill and if you can read into people’s actions when it comes to betting, then you can be very successful at this and any other poker game available in the online casinos. The skill of being good at playing these games can be learned over time, and there are many different tactics or approaches to the game that you can use to become a very successful poker player. There are a ton of books, webpages, and other materials all based upon how to play poker and the various tactics, but the best way to learn the game is simply by playing it over and over. That way you get to see how hundreds or even thousands of poker hands play out across the entire table. All that is really important to learn is the odds of drawing certain cards to complete a specific hand or the odds of another person having a better hand than the one you have made. Once you have a good basis on these mechanics of the game you will have a better ability to properly interpret other players’ actions when it comes to betting and advancing the game along. There are many intricate aspects to poker and many nuances when it comes to the decisions and information that will affect your choice of actions. The game is captivating and exhilarating with no end to the things you can learn about the game. Then there is an easier, softer approach you can take where you can simply play on autopilot without knowing much other than the absolute basics and you will still have a decent shot at winning some hands. Although, if you are looking for a simpler way to play a few poker hands, then there are another version of poker games you can play while visiting online casinos and that is video poker.

Video Poker

If you want to play some hands of poker but do not want to play with other players or worry about all the betting strategies necessary for the live poker tables, then video poker is perfect for you. It allows a player to run through dealt hands of poker much faster and easier than other types of poker because the only thing you need to worry about is what cards you want to keep and which ones you want to redraw from the deck. Video poker is fast-paced, fun, and fantastic for all kinds of players who like the simpler version. Plus, with games like Deuces Wild, you can get hands like the coveted 5 of a kind because in this specific game any 2 you may draw in your 5 cards can stand for any other card to complete the best hand possible. There is a wide array of distinct types of video poker games. So, you will always have a new type of game to learn or version to play around on. These games are a wonderful break from the normal table poker games and allow you to run through many more hands in a much shorter amount of time and the winning possibilities are expanded because the prizes are not based on how much other players bet but rather a set payout schedule based on what hand you can obtain in the matter of two draws of cards. You have the first 5 card draw where you are dealt with 5 random cards. Then you are presented with the option to hold any one or combination of those original 5 cards before you redraw the remaining, unchosen cards in the hopes of landing a high paying hand. It is a fantastic way to spend some time with a simple, fast, and possibly lucrative game in almost all online casinos in existence.


The fourth and final type of game to play other than roulette is the slot games which are often referred to as pokies. These are just like the machines you may have seen in any brick and mortar casino anywhere on the planet. The ones with 3 to 5 reels that spin away until they land on a series of symbols and if that set of symbols matches a predetermined pattern then you win the corresponding amount of money. It sounds fairly simple and straightforward, but with the invention of online casinos, the slots world has blown up and expanded into a huge industry of cutting-edge technology. They now have all kinds of special features like bonus games, free spins, cascading symbols, and even hundreds of different pay lines. The bonus games usually get triggered by landing on a certain set of symbols typically called the scatter symbols. These bonus games vary greatly and offer all kinds of unique features depending on the game. They can have things like sticky wilds, expanding wilds, and many other entertaining game additions that keep things exciting. Also, bonus games are usually set to include a certain number of free spins where the reels continue to spin and payout without charging you a penny for each of those spins. There can also be multipliers involved in the free spin bonus rounds where all your winnings from the free spins get multiplied by a number anywhere from 3x to 50x or even more in some rare cases. You can easily see how 50 free spins in a bonus round with a 50x multiplier applied to the winnings from all those spins can be very lucrative and win you big payouts, especially in games that have something like 243 possible pay lines involved. This is just one type of pokies and there are as many variations to the games as there are titles in the online casino’s library that you are picking from. Most online casinos have hundreds of titles and there are thousands upon thousands of titles that have been created in the 30 plus years that pokies have been in existence. The industry just keeps reimagining the setups, styles, special features, and so much more. If you get into playing the slots, then you too will soon be anticipating the exciting new title releases by your favorite game designers. There are games based on particular themes, like fruits, outer space, mythological characters, historical figures, or more, and there are games based on popular culture references like movie titles, bands, or celebrities. The only commonality you will find is that all of them have their very own features, many of which can be imaginative and unique. That and the fact that they all have their jackpots. Some jackpot prize amounts are set and based on how much the wager you placed on the spin that landed the correct symbols to trigger it. Other jackpots are progressive and start at a set amount but keep growing based on how many other players are using those slot games. The more people spend on those slots is the bigger the progressive jackpots become, and some can make you an instant millionaire. They can be life-altering wins, and this is reason enough for a lot of folks to play the pokies, to try their hand at landing the biggest win of their life. These are the four main types of games you can play in online casinos all over that offer you a break from playing roulette repeatedly and will help keep your roulette addiction from becoming stale. It is nice to change things up every once in a while and learn to play some new games that offer chances of winning some big bucks. So, get out there and test out some of these other games. If for no other reason, then to see what is most in line with your style and what games you enjoy the most. The important thing is that you have fun and get the most enjoyment out of your gaming time and money.

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