Welcome to Wellington Chapter

Membership of the NSANZ opens up a huge number of doors.  It connects members to a global network and allows us to take our speaking to an international audience.  I have found that it has granted me access to an unbelievable range of business leaders, expert speakers and other remarkable people who have generously shared their insights and encouragement.  This has allowed everyone in Wellington branch to offer profoundly inspiring events and services that entertain, inspire and empower emerging speakers from around New Zealand.

At NSANZ Wellington branch our mission is to support anyone with an interest in adding value to the world through the medium of the spoken word.  Now it is my turn to welcome you, and others like us, who share our interest in speaking and would also like our words to make a difference in the world.  Whether you are a trainer or a sales manager, a humourist or a consultant, an advisor or a keynote presenter, you are welcome at our meetings.  We would love to hear from you so that we may discuss how we can best support you as you take the first steps towards the next stage of your career.

To reach the President of Wellington Chapter of NSANZ use Wellington@Nationalspeakers.org.nz