Minutes of National AGM 30th August 2016, Waipuna Hotel Auckland

Present: Elias Kanaris, Gilly Chater, Ron Scott, Annette Fenton, Sarah O’Neil, Tom O’Neil, Martz Witty, John Barley, Clare Feeney, Robyn Pearce, Bill James, Linda Rugg, Roydon Gibbs, Glen Sharkey, Wanita Zogby-Fourie, Mark Jamieson, Rigel Walshe, Pam Martin, Cath Vincent, Andrew Baird, Mark Trafford, Diana Thomson

Online: Karen Boyes, Kanuka Simpson (non-financial), Roydon Gibbs

Minutes taken by Roberta Budvietas of BUDZ Business Services

Also Present: Melanie Tito

Apologies: Allie Mooney, Steffi August, Linda Guirey, Kymberley Paige, Ann Andrews, Chris Taylor, Rob Robertson, Roydon Gibbs, David Clarkson, Chryssie Russell, Tanya Unkovich, Debby Emeny, Denis Gianoutsos, William Pike, Geoff Vautier, Ngahihi o te ra Bidois, Ralph Brown, Thomas Hollings, Monique Knight


  • Steffi August Proxy held by Ron Scott
  • Ann Andrews Proxy held by Pam Martin
  • Linda Guirey Proxy held by Elias Kanaris
  • Chris Taylor Proxy held by Elias Kanaris
  • David Clarkson Proxy held by Elias Kanaris
  • Chryssie Russell Proxy held by Elias Kanaris
  • Tanya Unkovich Proxy held by Elias Kanaris
  • Debby Emeny, and Proxy held by Elias Kanaris
  • Denis Gianoutsos Proxy held by Elias Kanaris
  • Ngahihi o te ra Bidois Proxy held by Pam Martin
  • Geoff Vautier Proxy to Roberta Budvietas (Pam Martin)
  • Monique Knight Proxy held by Wanita Zogby-Fourie

Minutes National AGM August 2015

Moved as accurate Record: Pam Martin Seconded: Gilly Chater Approved

President’s Report – tabled as emailed

This has been a year of challenges and change.

Elias commented on development and changes to:

  • Masterclass,
  • Academy,
  • Website update,
  • Leadership Development for Pam Martin, Cath Vincent and Glen Sharkey (Elias also attended),
  • Espeakers, Find a speaker on website linking to espeakers.
  • Create secure Vault of resources through Knowledgelink license which Elias is giving to NSANZ for the Academy Intensive
  • Visited different members and events throughout the country.
  • Vision and Mission – Cavett Roberts (Robyn spoke about Cavett as a man with huge heart and very positive, accomplished speaker, started NSA in USA, spirit of Cavett is key to ethos of association. John Nevin in Australia in similar ilk). Never forget the spirit of John and Cavett and do things for the right reason
  • Brought Eventbrite to manage bookings
  • Each One Reach One Campaign implemented
  • Future-proofing NSANZ – Risk with Roberta being sole person responsible for admin. Divided into 4 areas. Small increase in operating costs at the moment as handover worked out.
  • Increase financial astuteness. Invest for our members, Need to maximise investments
  • Mark Jamieson volunteered to audit systems to identify what is missing, Need to purchase more of BUDZ Business Services time for this process.

Reviewed NSANZ Accounts 2016

Martz Witty spoke to accounts. They are straightforward. Need to be more reader friendly.  Spoke about CHCH membership expenses. Loss is actually an investment of $9000 in improving NSANZ

Ron Scott asked about format – comparison against budget. Bill to take that on board and to the board

Linda Rugg questioned website expenses and hosting around the wrong way. On report

Annette Fenton asked about loss, and what will happen next year. Elias replied that we had a surplus so invested. Goal this coming year is to be fiscally neutral. New budget needs to be reviewed.

NSANZ Review Report 2016

Moved: Martz Witty Seconded: Tom O’Neil Approved

Motion to approve fee change.

From 1st January 2017, NSANZ will charge every member an event fee of $20.00 per month. This will be in addition to the Annual Membership fee of $330+ GST ($379.50). This fee will allow you to attend regular meetings and specially designated meetings at no additional costs for the month.

Prospective members can attend up to 3 meetings free and then fee will be determined by Chapter. NZATD, Toastmasters and HRINZ members will continue to be charged as currently.

Elias discussed logic around this.to provide access for members to another level of value with speaker café and also for access to the videos.


  • Gilly Chater– great idea as it Includes GST
  • Pam Martin – mixed reaction, need clear record of who is attending. Speaker’s café could have impact on Academy as it has in Chch
  • Tom O’Neil – Cost wise positive, Positive income for association
  • Robyn Pearce– unsure. Concerned about administration, downside in Chch, travelling a lot, not certain she would spend money given that she comes so seldom.
  • Martz Witty – downside – Previously Academy was not delivered in Chch so made their own programme. Chch members not using Eventbrite. Chch venue is very flexible. Chch members need to be dragged into modern way. Better turn out because of payment of a monthly fee.
  • Cath Vincent – not affected. Driving revenue and heart. Could this be like a gym membership? People attend if they are getting the benefit
  • Annette Fenton – does this cover venue costs in Auckland, what happens in Jan and Dec when no event occurs
  • Diana Thomson – this means that membership fees increase.
  • Mark Trafford– owns membership based business and charges $600 + GST, What he has got from NSANZ is more than value of his membership and event cost. When people lose interest they stop showing up.
  • Sarah O’Neil– fee has gone down for the meeting in Auckland to the cost of4 Lattes, Going to pay to come.
  • Andrew Baird– should do this but need option to pay different ways.
  • Gilly Chater – meetings every month except Jan in Auckland cost gone down. We want people to come. Serious about investing. Pay less.
  • Ron Scott– BOP – monthly charge $20 so this more expensive, struggling to get branch going. Options to join other associations and pay lower price when you turn up. Attendance based on draw of speaker. Problem for BOP
  • Glen Sharkey– option is to continue to come to meetings as guest. Consider additional fee for when I can attend
  • Clare Feeney– helpful discussion, concern is to control over outgoings. Look at actual situation
  • Kanuka Simpson– Has anyone done math compared last year and budget. Elias – yes – neutral revenue situation

Option to change motion – postal vote clarifies completed. Motion held over. Deferred. New motion to be released

Moved: Seconded: Approved


Moved: Martz Witty– as tabled Seconded: Annette Fenton Approved

New Motion: Budget tabled as presented Received and adopted with any significant changes be notified to members – Martz Witty, Seconded Annette Fenton, Approved

Andrew Baird – question – about costs of PSA. Elias replied Any external speaker done on profit share basis.

Announcement of Election of Officers: plus President for Auckland (Linda Guirey), Wellington (Karen Boyes)  and Christchurch (Martz Witty), GSF Representative (Mike Handcock)

President Elias Kanaris
Senior VP Glen Sharkey
Junior VP Chris Taylor
Secretary Mark Trafford
Treasurer Bill James
Committee Monique Knight


Appointment of Auditor for 2017 – William Buck Gouwland Christmas

Moved: Martz Witty Seconded Diana Thomson Approved

General Business: The following motions need to be passed and agreed by members

To remove Pam Martin and Roberta Budvietas from the BNZ Bank authorisations and replace them with Linda Guirey and Glen Sharkey and Nancy Su (upload and transfer money only).

Moved: Annette Fenton Seconded Bill James Approved

Note: Board approved Roberta to have access to BNZ until changes occurred.

To change PayPal account to be managed by accounts@nationalspeakers.org.nz

Moved: Martz Witty Seconded: Andrew Baird Approved

To change the registered office of NSANZ to Level 1 Unit 3 46 Acheron Drive Chch 8041

Moved: Glen Sharkey Seconded Annette Fenton Approved

To relocate all tax and records to Bill James 49 Hale Cres., Bayview 0629

Moved:  Tom O’Neil, Seconded  Gilly Chater Approved

To direct all Bank Statement to PO Box 13010 Armagh Chch 8141

Moved: Andrew Baird Seconded Pam Martin Approved

To change to the responder on the secretary@nationalspeakers.org.nz from Roberta Budvietas to Mark Trafford

Moved: Gilly Chater, Seconded Wanita Zogby-Fourie Approved

To change the responder on the accounts@nationalspeakers.org.nz from Roberta Budvietas to Nancy Su

Moved: Glen Sharkey, Seconded Rigel Walshe Approved

Meeting ended 7:20 pm

Robyn thanked Roberta and Pam for contribution and presented them with a gift from NSANZ