The Global Speakers Federation

NSANZ members are part of a federation of speaker associations around the world.

gsf-logoThe Global Speakers Federation (GSF) formerly International Federation for Professional Speakers (IFFPS) is a federation of independent speaker associations from around the world. It provides a global framework for independent speaking organisations to collectively serve the interests of their individual members while advancing the professional speaking community worldwide.


NSANZ Members have reciprocal rights to attend GSF member association meetings and conferences, and speakers from the 10 international federations are always very welcome at NSANZ chapters’ meetings and events.

The 2006-2007 President of IFFPS was Robyn Pearce CSP, the first New Zealander to hold the position.

Global Speakers Network

The Global Speakers Network (GSN) is a networking community of professional speakers, within Global Speakers Federation, who speak internationally on a consistent basis.

Members can join the GSN if they

  • Are a member of an IFFPS association;
  • Speak for a professional fee at a minimum of two times a year in two countries other than their country of residence;
  • Are prepared to document their qualifications, should they be chosen for random audit, and;
  • Agree not to use their membership in GSN as a designation or a marketing element.

The GSN is strictly a networking community and is not designed to be used in any marketing materials, on a website, in introductions, or in any other public communication.

For more information see Global Speakers Network.