Participate and Develop Skills for Your Speaker’s Business

NSANZ runs a variety of meetings, events and training sessions for speakers who work on their own. NSANZ chapter meetings give speakers the chance to come together, receive support, fellowship, and professional development and mentoring.

Find an event in your area and also look for virtual events available to NSANZ members from around the world.

Events are listed either on the Event Page or you can receive notification when you subscribe to your Chapter Mailing List

NSANZ meetings and events include:

  • Networking Meetings and Presentation
  • Professional Speakers Academy
  • Australasian Convention
  • International Conventions
  • Gala Evening

Chapter Meetings

Branch meetings are held regularly in Auckland, Bay of Plenty and Christchurch.  Any Member has the opportunity to MC and run the meeting. Meetings vary so join the mailing list to find out what is happening in your area.

Professional Speaker’s Academy

An opportunity to develop your speaking business. Pre-academy workbook, a weekend workshop delivered by senior NSANZ members and with an opportunity to do a peer review presentation to a meeting.

Professional Speakers Australia Convention and Events

The PSA convention is held each year in March/April. Many New Zealand speakers attend and enjoy the international connection and opportunities.

NSANZ Executive Meetings

The NSANZ Executive meets monthly at a time agreed by the executive.

Chapter committees meet as agreed by the chapter executive.


The NSANZ AGM is held annually in August. Any member may attend. The constitution describes how the AGM is conducted.