We tend to build our businesses at different rates.  For some people, generating an income that is in the five or six figure per year can take what seems like the blinking of an eye, whilst for others it might take a significant effort to accomplish.

The important thing to remember is that this business is more akin to a marathon — not a sprint!

When you look at the breadth of members that are attracted to NSANZ, we cover the entire spectrum — from absolute novice through to established Keynoter.  As President of the Association, I am acutely aware that ‘one size DOESN’T fit all’!

As a result, I have already started to talk to our CSPGlobal, CSP and Professional Members to understand more about their needs.  The purpose is to help identify the best way to serve them and to provide the level of service that adds value to them and their business.  I also want to acknowledge their past contributions to the Association, and to adjust our focus to include their specific needs.

During the first quarter of our year (September through November), I will continue to invest time with them. As stated above, my objective is to understand your requirements and to ensure that we deliver programs that add value to their needs. I welcome your input and suggestions to see how we can make NSANZ an even better Association for all levels of membership.

I’m looking forward to working with you!