Certified Speaking Professional

The CSP or Certified Speaking Professional accreditation is the highest accreditation available to working professional speakers in New Zealand.

Fewer than 10% of the speakers who belong to the Global Speakers Federation, the body representing professional speaking associations worldwide, hold this professional designation. CSP is the international standard they agree represents competence in the speaking profession.

When you hire a CSP you know that you have a very experienced, industry professional.

When you become a CSP, you have proved your professionalism as a speaker.

The CSP designation is an award that only 9 other New Zealanders have and received.  (Less than 1000 worldwide). Buyers of a conference speaker can be very confident, and reassured they are getting a true professional for their event. They are:

Former NSANZ member Catherine Palin-Brinkworth CSP, a New Zealander

Robyn Pearce CSP, Time Management Expert.

For 23 years Robyn Pearce (known around the world as the Time Queen) has been sharing her experiences and knowledge about time management with countless clients and readers around the world. Author of eight books, many other products and thousands of articles, she regularly appears as a subject specialist on television and radio.

She learnt her subject the hard way. Through the years of raising six kids, single parenthood and then a highly successful real estate career, time management was her biggest challenge. The good news is – she won, and now shares those lessons with clients, readers and listeners in every sector around the world.

You can find out more about Robyn and her work at www.gettingagrip.com and www.effectiveworkspaces.com

How NSANZ has helped your business

Speaking as a career can be a lonely business. Not only NSANZ, but also the international speaking community through the Global Speakers Federation, have given me education, inspiration and support. Also, and possibly this is the most important, they’ve given me a ‘family’ of like-minded and sharing friends all round the world, and many opportunities in not only New Zealand but a number of other countries. Only rarely do you get the work directly through another speaker, but as you give to others in this fraternity so you find that referrals and connections open surprising doors. Just one example is the now-regular work I’m getting in the UK.

Ann Andrews CSP, Performance Management Specialist

Ann Andrews CSP describes herself as a consultant who speaks rather than a speaker who consults. As an HR manager in the manufacturing sector she had been implementing some unusual ‘team-work’ – HRINZ heard about it and asked her to speak at their conference. That was the start of her speaking career.

Ann has now spoken at hundreds of conferences in several different countries. She specialises in presenting hard topics in a humourous way. She is a regular speaker at Health & Safety conferences (a really dry topic!). She spoke 5 years on the trot to NZ’s engineering conference (another fairly dry conference).

Ann’s passion is showing organisations large and small how to grow profits by growing their people.

When the GFC hit, she knew that the first thing businesses would do would be to cut the training manager shortly followed by the HR manager. She set up The Corporate Toolbox for that very reason; so no organisation need ever say ‘we can’t afford to train our people.’ The site now has 13k
Twitter followers and she represents 400 contributors (business authors, speakers, trainers and consultants) from around the globe.

As if that doesn’t keep her busy enough – she is about to launch an ‘events’ company (Big Thinking Business Forums) to help medium sized businesses fast-track their growth.

Ann is a published author; she has written 4 business books and dozens of e.books. She is the only person in NZ who has been given the National Speaker of the Year Award for NSANZ twice.

Websites: www.thecorporatetoolbox.com and www.woetogo.com

John Shackleton CSP, The Performance Expert.

John Shackleton is one of Australasia’s leading motivational speakers.  With a background in Sports Psychology his subject is performance, helping people to improve performance in both their business lives and personal lives.

His passion is showing people that self limitation is what holds them back. Sport psychology teaches about self belief and it’s importance in achieving everything we are capable of. To raise our game we apply the techniques that sportsmen use to our business and personal lives.

His humorous, no nonsense style won him the prestigious NSA Speaker of the Year award and his corporate clients include: Air New Zealand, Coca-Cola, Westpac and Sony.  He has also worked with a number of NZ Olympic athletes over the last few years.

How NSA has helped – Being part of NSA allows me to be part of a peer group that understands just how my business works so we can chat and bounce ideas off one another, and, with help from one another, grow our businesses further.

Website: www.JohnShack.com

Allie Mooney CSP,  People Interpreter People-Productivity-Profit

Only 7% worldwide Professional Speakers hold this prestigious designation

Allie (to friends) has been recipient of “Speaker of the Year (National Speakers Association of New Zealand– Auck) award three times.  She says that these awards undoubtedly opened many doors for her successful speaking career.

She describes herself as a “people interpreter” and has the Midas touch in being able to ‘speed read’ people, an essential skill both at home and at work.

Anyone hearing Allie’s message will come away equipped with a very effective but simple tool that will change the way one sees others, and wished many years ago that one had learned how to “Press the Right Buttons” thus avoiding people challenges, both at work and home!

Her corporate client list is vast and includes large organisations like New Zealand Dairy. Giant Fonterra, Westpac Bank, Air New Zealand, IAG, Toyota, Drake International, Pfizer NZ. ,Lufthansa ,Qantas, L’Oreal Professionals, to name just a few.

In the past two years she has presented to over 50 cities throughout the world. Below Everest Base camp having just spoken to Aspiring Young Entrepreneurs in Kathmandu. Nepal

As an International Professional Speaker and Author, Allie has won many prestigious speaking awards through National Speakers Association of New Zealand (Auckland)

  • Most Inspirational Speaker of the Year
  • Most humorous and Entertaining Speaker of the Year

Her book “Pressing the Right Buttons” not only an award winning book, but become a Best Seller through Random House her publisher. It has been published both in Brazil and Turkey.

Allie is a fun, humorous and entertaining speaker but most important she has a message that is informative and life changing.

Her audiences have described her as ……  “vibrant, passionate, insightful, funny, engaging and relevant.”

“Not only has National Speaker’s Association of New Zealand has been a wealth of knowledge in growing my business, but rich in friendship and comradery from members who champion each other is unique and like no other” she says.

Website: www.allisonmooney.co.nz

Ralph Brown CSP, Psychology of Success

Ralph has a background in psychology, television and business.

He has written six books and speaks throughout New Zealand and in Australia and Asia. Ralph is the founder and managing director of the training business Skillset New Zealand. His previous career was as a reporter and director for TVNZ and on secondment to the BBC.

Website link: www.skillset.co.nz

How has NSANZ helped?

‘I first attended an NSA meeting as a guest speaker. That was 15 years ago. I couldn’t leave, it’s been such a valuable part of my development as a speaker.’

Karen Boyes CSP,Transforming Education Globally

Winner of the NSANZ Educator of the Year 2014 and NSANZ Speaker of the Year award in 2013, Karen is a sought after speaker who continually gets rave reviews from audiences around the world.

An expert in effective teaching and learning, study skills, motivation and positive thinking, Karen has the rare ability to draw her audience in and keep them enthralled. She is both informative and entertaining, as she passes on her practical solutions for learning, teaching, studying,
 living, working, communicating and growing more effectively as a person. This ability makes Karen the smart choice as a speaker and workshop leader.


Bill James CSP, More Business Right Now

A humorous, authentic and content driven business speaker, Bill inspires, educates and entertains his audiences throughout New Zealand and Australia – well anywhere actually!

As a National Speakers Association CSP member, Bill has previously been recognised by his peers as the New Zealand Business Speaker of the Year (2012). “I couldn’t have achieved the recognition and rewards received without NSANZ behind me…it’s that simple”

When the GFC hit, she knew that the first thing businesses would do would be to cut the training manager shortly followed by the HR manager. She set up The Corporate Toolbox for that very reason; so no organisation need ever say ‘we can’t afford to train our people.’ The site now has 13k
Twitter followers and she represents 400 contributors (business authors, speakers, trainers and consultants) from around the globe.

Bill’s message is relevant to all people who are looking at increasing revenue. His motto –”More Business Right Now! – is exactly what he does.

As a specialist on attracting new business through referrals, the creation of profitable business relationships and how to create an ethical sales process that fits within your team’s internal values – so they want to use it. Bill has a simple and easy to understand presentation style that gets attendees to make a commitment to take action with what they have learnt and walk away with an “I can do this” attitude.

He will help find the business, get the appointment and gain a trust and deep connection in minutes.

Website: www.billjamesspeaker.com

Mike Handcock CSP, Quantum Business Expert

Mike Handcock can be introduced in many different ways:

  1. One of only 25 speakers in over 20,000 globally to be recognised with the designation of Certified Speaking Professional Global
  2. Author of 13 books with International Best Sellers and an Amazon No#3 on business and personal development
  3. As a musician with 13 albums to his name Mike had a No#1 on iTunes in 2013
  4. On the board of three charities and social causes Mike was mentioned by President Clinton for his work alongside the SAGE Foundationand Clinton Global Initiative
  5. As the Chairman & Founder of Rock Your Life, along with his business partner Dave Rogers has built five companies in Publishing, Events, Media, Travel & Licensing which operate regularly in over 20 countries
  6. Mike is one of a select few speakers who generate over $1M consistently from his craft
  7. Mike is the Producer & Director of the film Dreamcatchers (2010) and in pre production on ARJUNA with an Acedemy Award nominated team
  8. Mike is the recipient of numerous awards including Speaker of the Year 2014 NSANZ, the 2011 Speaker of the Year (TIME & CEG), Inspirational Speaker of the Year twice and Business Person of the Year twice. He has also been nominated for 3 extraordinary life awards.


“NSA assisted me to get connected globally and assisted me to understand the global work of speaking, which has been part of my career and speaking in 46 countries so far.”