Minutes National AGM August 30 20116

Minutes of National AGM 30th August 2016, Waipuna Hotel Auckland Present: Elias Kanaris, Gilly Chater, Ron Scott, Annette Fenton, Sarah O'Neil, Tom O'Neil, Martz Witty, John Barley, Clare Feeney, Robyn Pearce, Bill James, Linda Rugg,

10,000 Hours

Have you heard about the ’10,000 hours practice’ thing yet? If you have not, you will do at some stage. The theory goes that you have to practice your art for 10,000 hours before you

Upcoming Speaker Conferences

International Speakers Convention in Belgium Antwerp is on April 4 & 5 the place to be for speakers. In those days the Professional Speakers Association Holland organizes an international speakers convention. This convention is unique