Minutes National AGM 26th August 2014

Minutes of NSANZ National AGM 2014 Waipuna Hotel Mt Wellington, 26 August 2014 Meeting commenced 6:07 Present: Debbie Mayo-Smith, William Pike, Elias Kanaris, Pam Martin, Cam Calkoen, Gilly Chater, Kanuka Simpson, Louise Pagonis, Cath Vincent,

Social Media Rules

The single most important rule of business is this one – “Don’t follow rules.  Start with rules, and then follow results”. I am not a big fan of social media.  Personally I love how Facebook

Common Courtesy by Sarah O’Neil

How lucky were we to have the amazing Kary Oberbrunner speak with us at our July meeting. The wonders of the internet and modern technology can bring outstanding international speakers right into our meetings –