What is NSANZ about?

The National Speakers Association of New Zealand (NSANZ) was formed in 1994 by speakers building businesses talking to different audiences. Following the model set up by Cavett Robert in the USA, we are an association committed to Ethics, Eloquence, Expertise and Enterprise.

NSANZ is committed to professionalism in our industry.  We know that Speakers affect their audiences and together we make a difference in the world we live in. Your enthusiasm, commitment and goals need the support of others working on similar paths.

NSANZ believes that our members are generous, supportive and friendly creating an environment where you can thrive.

2015 Constitution NSANZ

Our Values


We’re ‘glass half full’ people, positive, solution-focused, ‘possibility-oriented’ with a willingness to develop and adapt.


We know that when we take responsibility, and act with integrity, we get results.


We strive for excellence, aiming to journey with respect, trust and humility.


We’re generously supportive, gently honest, and enthusiastically encouraging with all members, affiliates and guests.

Who should join?

If you speak professionally or aspire to speak professionally, then we would love to hear from you. Our mjoin now buttonembers come from many areas bringing their expertise and experience to conferences, meetings and events in New Zealand and around the world.

Many of our members are also published authors, facilitators, trainers, coaches, mentors and consultants who make a difference for their clients.

What do we offer?

We offer a number of great benefits when you join the NSANZ. Firstly, our aim is to help you to grow your business speaking, to give you a safe place to practise new material, an opportunity to receive feedback from Certified Speaking Professionals (CSP’s) and access to great resources.

We are an International organisation connected to the Global Speakers Federation.

We have learning and speaking pathways and when you join you become a member of NSANZ.  Having fulfilled certain requirements and attended speaker development programmes, you can progress onto becoming an accredited member, then a professional member and finally a certified speaking professional. As a member of NSANZ you can attend conferences and network around the world. You can read more about progression pathways here.

As a member, you get access to amazing resources as well as being able to network with peers and speaking professionals. The value of being able to connect with someone that can help you grow your speaking business is priceless.

Where and when do we meet?

We have Chapters in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.  Tauranga is newly formed and is a branch of Auckland. Meetings are generally held once a month.  Click here to see all the upcoming meetings and Speakers.

Depending on which Chapter you would like to join, you can read more on each one here:

meetings photo

Elias Kanaris at Showcase and Wanita Fourie MC’ing the event. Showcase is for any Speaker to practise new material in front of their peers and get feedback from CSP’s

Auckland Chapter

Wellington Chapter

Christchurch Chapter

We also have a LinkedIn GroupFacebook Page and a Facebook Group where we have discussion and keep each other informed.

How to attend a meeting?

We welcome guests to our meetings as well as fellow members.  It is simple to attend.

Go the events page and register for an event.

If you are a member and bringing a guest along, please note that guests will need to be registered on the website.

How is NSANZ run?

The NSANZ is a not for profit organisation run by it’s members.  We have a National Committee who are responsible for the overall running of the NSANZ, the finances and the big decisions. The National Committee is headed by a National President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Members. You can read more about Who’s Who in NSANZ

Each Chapter has a Committee with a President and Committee Members and they are responsible for a particular Chapter or area.

All Members of NSANZ are required to abide by the Code of Ethics and Standards.

Click here to view all Committees and Committee Members.

Some History and Notable Achievements

The first meeting of the National Speakers Association of New Zealand was held in 1994.

The set-up of the organisation was greatly assisted by the National Speakers Association of Australia (NSAA). The Australian association in turn had been modelled upon and assisted by the more mature U.S. counterpart, the National Speakers Association. Both NSANZ and NSAA now enjoy a close relationship with the American association, as do affiliated bodies in Canada, England and Europe. Read More Here


Robyn Pearce CSP was the 2006-2007 President of IFFPS (now the Global Speakers Federation), the first New Zealander to hold this honour.
Winston Marsh CSP
Maureen Fitzgerald
Ian Mandeno
Robyn Pearce (Auckland 2008)

Past Presidents of NSANZ

Note about this list: This is a partial and incomplete list of the Presidents of chapters and NSANZ national executive. Please tell us about any errors and omissions, for which we apologise in advance.

2015- Elias Kanaris
2013-2015 Bill James CSP
2012-2013 Roberta Budvietas
2011-2012 Sally Mabelle
2009-11 Hannah Samuel CSP (served two terms)
2007-09 Martz Witty PS (served two terms)
2006-07 Donald Jessep
2005-06 Maria Carlton
2004-2005 Karen Beard/Ann Andrews CSP
There was no separate National President before this date
2003-04 Lindsay Dawson
2002-03 Robyn Pearce CSP
2001-02 Pat Armitstread
2000-01 Lisa Cork
1999-00 Morgan McArthur
1997-98 Karen Beard
1994-95 Kim Campbell
2014-2015 Pam Martin
2013-2014 David Nottage replaced by Elias Kanaris
2012-2013 Gilly Chater
2011-2012 John Cook
2009-11 Sally Mabelle
2007-09 Bill James PS
2006-07 Linda Shaw
2005-06 Janice Davies
2015- Martz Witty
2014-2015 Roydon Gibbs
2013-2014 Colin Clapp
2012-2013 Cheryl Doig
2011-2012 Dr Rodney Ford
2010-2011 Ralph Brown
2009-10 Wendy Davie ASM
2008-09 Ralph Brown
2007-08 David Clarkson ASM
2005-07 Rodney Ford ASM
2002-04 Martz Witty PS
2014-2016 Karen Boyes CSP
2011-2012 Dave Stonyer
2009-2011 Eva Maria Salikova
2005-2006 Dave Stonyer
2004-05 John Bishop
2003-04 Wendy Betteridge
2002-03 Kim Chamberlain